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Wine Trends

Wine trends

Discover recent wine trends and what's happening in the industry.

Most expensive fine wines 2022

Discover what can make a red, white, Champagne, or dessert wine so valuable, and get insights on the terroirs that shape these exceptional bottles.

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Best investment wines 2022

In this guide we share our views on the best wines for investment in 2022 to help you make informed investment decisions for your portfolio.

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Empower your investing

Learn how CultX can help you to take control of your investing decision, to understand fine wine performance & easily manage your portfolio.

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Bordeaux En Primeur 2021 Report

Celebrating the producers and trends impacting Bordeaux En Primeur 2021. Written by our team of experts, we share our in-depth knowledge and appreciation for the wines of this legendary Fine Wine region.

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How to Trade Rare Wines and Profit

Start investing in wine - and seeing returns. Get our tips for collecting the right bottles, selling at the best times, and earning returns.

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Tax on Wine Investment

Invest in wine, tax-free. Learn how wine is exempt from some taxes and the ins and outs of importing wine with our guide.

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