Domaine Hubert Lamy

Domaine Hubert Lamy: paving the way for exceptional wines

A Burgundy-based winery that has gained worldwide acclaim for its innovative approach to winemaking and a reputation for producing some of the most sought-after Chardonnays in the region. Explore their exceptional range of wines and experience the legacy of this winery.


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  1. A unique approach to winemaking allowing terroir to shine
  2. Increasing collectability: the most sought after wines
  3. Discover top performing wines from Domaine Hubert Lamy
  4. Why invest in wine with CultX

A unique approach to winemaking allowing terroir to shine

Domaine Hubert Lamy is a Burgundy-based winery that has garnered worldwide acclaim for its exceptional approach to winemaking. Founded in the 1970s by Hubert Lamy, the estate has a reputation for producing some of the most sought-after white wines in the region. Today, it is run by Hubert's son, Olivier Lamy, who has continued to build on his father's legacy and push the boundaries of what is possible with Chardonnay.

What sets Domaine Hubert Lamy apart from other wineries is their unique approach to winemaking. They practice a hands-off approach in the vineyard, allowing the terroir to fully express itself in the grapes. They use only natural yeasts during fermentation and avoid fining and filtration to preserve the wine's natural flavours and textures. They also eschew the use of new oak barrels, preferring to age their wines in older barrels to impart subtle flavours without overwhelming the wine's delicate nuances.

All of these factors combine to produce wines that are elegant, complex, and incredibly nuanced. They are wines that showcase the true expression of the terroir and reflect the skill and expertise of the winemaker.

Increasing collectability: the most sought after wines

As a result of their exceptional winemaking approach, Domaine Hubert Lamy's wines have become increasingly sought after by wine collectors and enthusiasts alike. The estate's wines are now considered some of the most collectible in Burgundy, and as a result, prices have risen accordingly.

For example, in just one year, the price of the Hubert Lamy Criots-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru has increased by 427%, and the Saint-Aubin Premier Cru, Derriere Chez Edouard Saint Aubin Cuvee Haute Densite has increased by 320%.

This increasing collectability has made it more difficult to secure these wines. Despite the increasing demand for Domaine Hubert Lamy's wines, the estate remains committed to producing wines that are true to their terroir and reflect the unique characteristics of each vintage. They continue to experiment with new winemaking techniques and push the boundaries of what is possible with Chardonnay.

For wine enthusiasts, the wines of Domaine Hubert Lamy are a rare and special treat. They are wines that truly capture the essence of Burgundy and showcase the incredible potential of the region's terroir. With their nuanced flavours, complex textures, and exceptional aging potential, they are wines that will continue to be sought after for generations to come.

In conclusion, Domaine Hubert Lamy is a winery that is truly special and unique. Their hands-off approach to winemaking and commitment to expressing the true character of the terroir have made them one of the most sought-after wineries in Burgundy. For wine enthusiasts, their wines are a rare and special treat that should be cherished and savoured. With their increasing collectability and rising prices, now is the time to secure a bottle of Domaine Hubert Lamy's wine and experience the magic for yourself.

Discover top performing wines from Domaine Hubert Lamy

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Wine Name Number of
Avg. Price p/bottle
January 2022
Avg. Price p/bottle
December 2022
% 1-year
Hubert Lamy, Criots-Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru
1 £415 £2,188 427%
Hubert Lamy, Saint-Aubin, Derriere Chez Edouard 2 £289 £1,214 320%
Hubert Lamy, Saint-Aubin, En Remilly Blanc 6 £51 £157 208%
Hubert Lamy, Puligny-Montrachet, Les Tremblots 6 £47 £126 169%
Hubert Lamy, Saint-Aubin, Les Frionnes Blanc 5 £37 £74 100%
Hubert Lamy, Saint-Aubin, Clos de la Chateniere Blanc 6 £55 £99 80%
Source: Pricing data from  January 2022 to December 2022.
Cult Wines Indices are an objective measure of the global fine wine market based on Wine-Searcher pricing data and rebalanced annually based on strict liquidity criteria. Prices calculated in GBP and results may vary in other currencies. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. 
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