Champagne PriCes Rise

Buy next year's holiday Champagnes now as prices continue to rise

Champagne’s investment potential speaks for itself with Cult Wines Champagne Index up 18.6% so far this year (as of 30 Nov). We’re seeing price rises among the world’s finest and rarest vintage Champagnes as well as familiar celebratory bottles that many people will be opening over the holiday season.

Prices could continue to trend higher, meaning buying next year's holiday Champagnes now could look like a prudent decision over the years to come.


CultX Team - Wine Investment Specialists

Why are prices rising?

Champagne is an icon not just of fine wine but also fashion and luxury markets, all of which experienced rising prices in 2021 according to The Knight Frank Wealth Report 2022. This has carried over to 2022 as demand outstrips supply, which has been impacted by lower-than-average production levels in Champagne over the past few years.

How fast are prices rising?

A year ago, a bottle of Cedric Bouchard, Roses de Jeanne Cote de Val Vilaine, a Champagne which typically scores 93 to 94+ points on Wine Advocate, would have cost you £829 (Nov 2021). Today, it has jumped in value 149% and will likely set you back £2,060.

How has the last year impacted your celebration wines?

Cedric Bouchard is a great example of a small boutique producer making top-quality, rare Champagne. But the impressive price increases over the past year can also be seen in some more common - but just as delightful – Champagnes. On CultX you can track the performance of these Champagnes alongside many other wines to scout out the best opportunities in fine wine.

Source: Price per case of 12, Cult Wines Global Index1 ‘Class 1 Champagnes’ 01/11/21 – 01/11/22

The Cult Wines Global Index

1 The Cult Wines Global Index was recently launched as a new benchmark measurement of the global fine wine market performance. Using Wine-Searcher data, the Index is comprised of a dynamic set of wines that represents the fine wine investment market based on strict liquidity criteria.

Past performance is not indicative of future success; the performance was calculated in USD and will vary in other currencies. Any investment involves risk of partial or full loss of capital.
1 Pricing data from Wine Searcher as of 30 Nov 2022. Analysis by Cult Wine Investment. Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns.

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