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Empower Your Investing

Empower your investing

Learn how CultX can help you invest in fine wine, understand fine wine performance and easily manage your portfolio.



CultX Team - Wine Investment Specialists


  1. Build your wine investment portfolio
    • However you want
    • Whenever you want
    • Wherever you want
    • See how much you could be making

Build your wine investment portfolio

The world of fine wine investments is fascinating and rewarding, a proven alternative with stable growth and strong returns on investment. In the last 30 years, wine investments have outperformed financial markets and commodities, proving to be fairly unaffected by macroeconomic contexts like a global pandemic. Also, wine is a tangible asset with intrinsic value, scarce supply and increasing demand, making it a fantastic investment option worth considering.

CultX is a revolutionary digital platform that combines AI technology with market-leading live pricing data to give you access to a new, fast, and secure way to invest in wine. We offer  a live and immediate trading platform with lower costs, better data, and stock than traditional auction alternatives.  

Fine wine is often associated with wealth and prestige, but it could be perceived as an inaccessible asset reserved to large investors. We’re going to change that. With CultX we’re opening up the unique world of wine investment to you. We’re making it simple and accessible for modern traders to trade wine and build a strong portfolio.

Investment portfolio

A fine wine portfolio can also diversify and strengthen your investment portfolio. You can rely on our up-to-the-minute intelligent data, for full control over your wine investments with total flexibility.  At any time from anywhere in the world.

However you want

It’s time to level up your game. You can use CultX data analysis to discover leading trends that can propel you to the top of the wine investment market. Benefit from access to live pricing, critic scores, tasting notes, and advanced analytics. Get access to everything you need to build a unique portfolio that meets your specific needs with great flexibility.

Whenever you want

Quickly spot and snap up those golden opportunities, with the security provided by live pricing data & blockchain provenance. Access to all the tools you need to make clever informed decisions. You can liquidate assets as you wish, with ease and speed. Take ultimate control of your wine investments: buy, sell and trade your wines from our app anytime. Your choice, your move.

Wherever you want

CultX is mobile first and accessible from anywhere in the world. You can take the wheel on wine investing and have full control over your wine portfolio. You can access our data insights, and advanced technology at your fingertips, to make informed choices. It’s time for you to become the 360-degree wine investment expert!

See how much you could be making

As investors, we all want to learn how to protect our capital and increase returns. At CultX, we have the technology and the data insight to get you started on the fascinating path of wine investments.

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* Past performance is not indicative of future success; the performance was calculated in GBP and will vary in other currencies. Any investment involves risk of partial or full loss of capital.

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