Wine investment guide for beginners

A beginner’s guide on how to start investing in wine, the risks involved and how to find the most suitable wine investment platform for you.

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As investors, we all want to learn how to grow our returns and protect our capital, and being properly informed is the first step to a successful strategy. Whether you are an expert investor seeking to diversify your portfolio by branching into wine. Or you are just starting out, here's all you need to know for how to start investing in wine and succeed. 

Can you invest in wine? 

Although the world of fine wine might sound exclusive and somewhat complicated to understand, we are looking to change that. We built a revolutionary platform powered by data, to make buying and selling fine wines simple and accessible. CultX has an open platform with no minimum entry fee, which makes it accessible for all sorts of budgets.

Is buying wine a safe investment?

Fine wine is a scarce product, with increased demand and intrinsic value that increases with time. It also has a proven track record of outperforming other assets. Given its low volatility and recession/inflation resistance, it remains utterly unaffected by an economic crisis or global pandemic. So, is it worth investing in wine? Definitely. 

Where to begin with investing in wine? 

When starting to consider a new investment, the unknown can be daunting. This is the case for most of us. But, if you are already asking yourself: "Is wine a safe investment?", "What are some wine investment risks?", or "How do I start investing in wine?" then you are on the right track. A smart strategy involves some serious considerations and finding the right platform that will help turn up your investments is key.

1. Understand the risks of investing in wine 

Counterfeit wine, or companies offering improper storage and poor provenance are some of the first risks to consider. These should be on top of your checklist when looking where to invest. Is wine a safe investment, then? Absolutely, if you know what to look for when choosing your investment platform. 

Here are our tips:

  1. Look for a platform that can ensure the wine's provenance. Some have expert teams of buyers that can guarantee the wines are authentic and from the origin, producer, and vintage specified. Go for these platforms with earned trust. 
  2. We cannot stress enough the importance to check your wine storage conditions. Buying a rare wine won't hold much value if after a couple of years, you realise it's been poorly stored.
  3. Ensure that your data privacy and personal information are well taken care of. In the digital age where data is stored online, a fully encrypted platform and new technologies such as blockchain will ensure your data is safe.

2. Define your priorities

Figuring out how to start investing in wine can be tricky if you don't have a roadmap. Begin by aligning your choice with the right values, and you will be set on the right path. Here are three core values to look for:


Seek out platforms that offer you full transparency on the pricing, data, and trends. This will help you find the best opportunities for yourself. Access to data is key to smarter investments, and as such, it should be a priority.


Craft a unique portfolio that speaks about you, your taste, and your personality. Many platforms offer pre-made selections that every other investor would have. Using a more personalised approach with your own imprint will certainly add value to your investment.


Living in such a fast-paced world, it is critical to find a platform that gives you the flexibility to buy, sell, and manage your portfolio whenever you want, wherever you want. Make sure you are in control over your time, money, and assets. What’s next? Once you’ve found the right wine investment platform for you, you can decide how much to invest, set investment parameters, fund the account and asset location, and access your account to enjoy its benefits.

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